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As a hometown community bank, we care about our neighbors, our customers. We strive to protect our customers, and keeping your personal information safe and secure is our #1 top priority.

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Customers are not responsible for unauthorized charges; however, there are steps consumers can take to help protect their accounts.

  • Protect your debit and/or credit cards at all times; don't share cards or PINs with others.
  • When using ATMs, be aware of your surroundings. Before using the ATM, look closely at the card slot and PIN pad for any abnormalities and glance up and around to see if you notice any cameras. If anything looks strange or unusual, do not use the ATM.
  • If you notice odd or peculiar behavior by others at an ATM (inserting a cable or using multiple cards to withdraw funds at one time), contact local law enforcement and the institution; do not use the ATM.
  • Be aware that institutions usually won't contact you via text message or email about your debit or credit card, unless you have previously agreed to this method of communication; if you receive a suspicious text or email message claiming to come from your financial institution, contact your institution to check the legitimacy using the number on the back of the card.
  • Be aware that phone calls you receive may not actually be from your bank or credit union. You should not provide the full card number, PIN or CVV code over the phone. When in doubt, call the number on the back of your card to verify contact.
  • Be on guard against phishing attacks and do not open attachments or click links in emails you were not expecting.
  • Use two-factor authentication and other security features offered by your financial institution to protect your accounts.
  • Sign up for text or email alerts from your financial institution for certain types of transactions, such as online purchases or transactions of more than $500.
  • Notify your FI as soon as possible if you suspect that your card PIN or electronic banking credentials have been compromised.
  • Review account statements for any transactions you do not recognize; promptly notify your FI if you notice any unauthorized account activity. A small transaction (ex. $0.01 or other small amounts) may be indicative of a criminal "checking" the card information to see if it is legitimate. A larger fraudulent charge typically follows.

Our Mission

At Union Bank, our mission and purpose are guided by the following principles:

  • We will provide our CUSTOMERS the best in service.
  • We will be an exemplary corporate citizen in the COMMUNITIES that we serve.
  • We will provide our EMPLOYEES a rewarding employment experience.
  • We will provide value to our SHAREHOLDERS.

Community Involvement

We are a responsible corporate citizen. We support a number of worthy causes in our communities, in the areas of education, public services, and economic development. Our directors, officers and employees are active in a number of charitable and civic organizations.

 Bank History

Union Bank, Inc. (formerly Union Bank of Tyler County) is an independent community bank that has come full circle.  The bank can trace its roots in the Tyler County Community back to 1895 to the former Farmers and Producers National Bank of Sistersville.  Following several mergers in the early 1900's, the bank became Union National Bank of Sistersville in 1922.  On January 1, 1984, Union National Bank of Sistersville was merged into Tyler County Bank.  (Tyler County Bank opened for business July 5, 1947 in Middlebourne.)  The merged entity then operated as Union Bank of Tyler County (UBTC) under the charter of Tyler County Bank with offices in Middlebourne and Sistersville.

In 1988, UBTC formed a bank holding company, Hometown Bancshares, Inc., and subsequently acquired The Community Bank of Pennsboro and The Bank of Paden City.  Each of the banks continued to operate autonomously, each with a local CEO and Board of Directors.  Just three years later on September 30, 1997, WesBanco, Inc. of Wheeling acquired Commercial Bancshares.  Due to regulatory concerns regarding competition in Tyler County, WesBanco was required to divest itself of UBTC.

When it became apparent in early 1998 that WesBanco would be selling UBTC, then-bank Chairman/CEO Gary Davis and then-President/COO Tim Aiken quickly assembled a group of investors who were interested in "buying back" the bank, thus allowing it to become a truly independent community bank once again.  A "private placement" stock issue raised $5.1 million in new capital, additional funds were borrowed, and the investor group made a successful bid for the bank.  On July 1, 1998 ownership of the bank was transferred to the local group of 37 investors, under the idle holding company name of Hometown Bancshares, Inc.  One of the investors was an Employee Stock Ownership Plan ("ESOP") that was formed to allow UBTC's employees to also participate as investors / owners.  Simultaneously, the bank reorganized as a Subchapter S corporation.

In 1999, UBTC changed its name to Union Bank, Inc. (UB).  Since then, UB has shown steady growth, currently with total assets of approximately $370 million, and has expanded into new markets with several branches.  In September 1999, UB acquired the former Huntington National Bank in St Marys.  In November 2004, UB opened a de novo branch office, located in Hundred, in Wetzel County, after purchasing a closed banking office from Huntington National Bank.  In March 2006, UB acquired from WesBanco Bank the Ritchie County branches located in Harrisville, Pennsboro, and Ellenboro.  In September 2007, UB acquired the First National Bank of St Marys (chartered in 1899), and combined UB's existing St Marys branch with the First National operation.  In May 2012, UB opened a Loan Production Office in Marietta, OH, to serve the greater Parkersburg / Marietta MSA.  The LPO now operates from the St Marys location, service the same clientele in the MSA.  Most recently, in March 2014, UB opened a de novo branch in New Martinsville, WV, the county seat of Wetzel County.  

Union Bank, Inc.'s current board members are: Tim Aiken, Jeff Davis, Kenny Mason, Patrick Morris, Rick Neale, Tammy Waggoner, and Robert (R.J.) Feldmeier, Jr.  Executive Officers are:  Tim Aiken, President / CEO; Tammy Waggoner, EVP / CFO; and Robert Bolin, SVP / Compliance & CRA Officer.  This locally owned community bank's continued success can be attributed to its loyal customers, dedicated staff and board of directors, and the support of its shareholders.


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